Variations on Piranesi’s Carceri

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Andrea Alberto Dutto
Maria Fedorchenko


As one of architectural printmaker Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s most studied print series, Carceri d’invenzione (1750–1761) constitutes a timeless precedent for architectural experimentation. This text-based research essay describes the outcomes of a design-driven experiment that attempted to unpack the hidden potential of Carceri in the domain of architectural representation. The aim was to analyse Piranesi’s oeuvre from a new curatorial perspective, as well as propose a further speculative step in the hermeneutics of Carceri. In our experiments, the Carceri was understood as a temporary aggregate of heterogeneous materials capable of establishing a metaphorical link with architectural objects at different scales.

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Dutto, Andrea Alberto, and Maria Fedorchenko. 2022. “Variations on Piranesi’s Carceri”. idea journal 19 (01):33–57.