Unknowingly, A threshold-crossing movement

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Julieanna Preston


It is in this special issue that the editorial board holds true to our promise to expand the horizons and readership of idea journal while reaching out to associated and adjacent art, design and performance practices and drawing connections to seemingly distant disciplines. The articles in this issue have provenance in a 2019 conference event, Bodies of Knowledge (BOK), which was guided by a similar interdisciplinary ethos. With an emphasis on cultures of practice and communities of practitioners that offer perspectives on inclusion, diversity/neurodiversity and disability, this conference, and this subsequent journal issue, aim to increase knowledge transfer between diverse forms of embodied expertise, in particular, between neuroscience and enactive theories of cognition.

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Preston, Julieanna. 2020. “Unknowingly, A Threshold-Crossing Movement”. idea journal 17 (02):08-12. https://doi.org/10.51444/ij.v17i02.412.
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