Shared Reality A Phenomenological Inquiry

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Jack Parry


This article presents a phenomenological inquiry in the extreme environments of the Arctic winter and of ‘Shared Reality’—a hybrid form of virtual reality merging spherical video documentation, virtual reality and present reality. The inquiry was carried out in two parallel spheres of ownness: one in the Arctic and the other in the Shared Reality. The outcome was documented using the footage of a spherical 360° camera in the Arctic and thick description to provide accounts of the lived experience in both spheres of ownness. Shared Reality facilitates a perspective into phenomenology that incorporates multiple key ideas of several important thinkers. The inquiry tests the phenomenological perspectives of Husserl, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty, and examines the coupling between body, environment, and lived experience as well as the creative process. The combined experience brings together parallel states of active coping, inhabiting a shared phenomenological field and sphere of ownness.

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Parry, Jack. 2020. “Shared Reality: A Phenomenological Inquiry”. idea journal 17 (02):144-62.
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