Rhetoric of Landscape Architecture and Interior Design Discourses Preparation for Cross-Disciplinary Practice

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Gill Lawson
Barbara Adkins


The rhetoric of the pedagogic discourses of landscape architectural students and interior design students is described as part of a doctoral study undertaken to document practices and orientations prior to cross-disciplinary collaboration. We draw on the theoretical framework of Basil Bernstein, an educational sociologist, and the rhetorical method of Kenneth Burke, a literary dramatist, to study the grammars of ‘landscape’ representation employed within these disciplinary examples. We investigate how prepared final year students are for working in a cross-disciplinary manner. The discursive interactions of their work, as illustrated by four examples of drawn images and written text, are described. Our findings suggest that we need to concern ourselves with our pedagogic discourse that brings uniqueness and value to our disciplines, alongside shared discourses between disciplines.

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Lawson, Gill, and Barbara Adkins. 2024. “Rhetoric of Landscape Architecture and Interior Design Discourses: Preparation for Cross-Disciplinary Practice”. idea journal 6 (1):41-49. https://doi.org/10.37113/ideaj.vi0.194.
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