Interior Design: a critical introduction by Clive Edwards

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Mark Taylor


This book is another contribution to the growing influence of interior design/interior architecture within ‘architectural’ education and practice. It also contributes to the number of ‘introductory’ publications including Dorothy Stepat-DeVan, Introduction to Interior Design (1980), Stanley Abercrombie, A Philosophy of Interior Design, (1990) and the Basics Interior Architecture series by Graeme Brooker and Sally Stone. Others in this field include Dianna Rowntree, Interior Design (1964), Stanley Abercrombie, a philosophy of Interior Design (1990) and Graeme Brooker and sally stone, what is interior Design? (2010) as well as those that are aimed at equipping the reader on how to establish and run an interior design practice.

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Taylor, Mark. 2010. “Interior Design:: A Critical Introduction by Clive Edwards”. idea journal 10 (1):138-40.
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Mark Taylor, Queensland University of Technology

Mark Taylor is Associate professor, Interior Design at Queensland University of Technology and is completing his PhD on Mary Haweis at University of Queensland. he trained as an architect and has published widely on design and the interior, including nineteenth-century perceptions of the interior and contemporary use of digital technologies and surface effects. he recently co- edited with Julieanna Preston, Intimus: Interior Design Theory reader (John Wiley, 2006) and is currently editing Interior Design & Architecture: Critical & primary sources, 4 vols, (berg 2012). Other publications include ‘Diagramming the Interior ‘in Diagrams of Architecture (John Wiley 2010), ‘Frederic Leighton’s ‘Narcissus’ room’ in performance Fashion and the Modern Interior (berg 2011) and ‘Literary Interiors’ in the handbook of Interior Design (berg 2012).he has co- convened with Gini Lee two international symposiums, Interior spaces in Other places (Brisbane 2010) and FLOW 2 (Melbourne 2012).