Remote Senses, Intimate Ecologies: Anemocinegraph (2007-2011)

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Janine Randerson


before we knew how to circle the earth, how to circumscribe the sphere of human habitation in days and hours, we had brought the globe into our living room to be touched by our hands and swirled before our eyes.1.

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Randerson, Janine. 2010. “Remote Senses, Intimate Ecologies:: Anemocinegraph (2007-2011)”. idea journal 10 (1):114-15.
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Janine Randerson, Unitec Institute of Technology

Janine Randerson is an Auckland based artist who works with a range of time-based media including 16mm film, digital audio and video and computer programmed interaction design. Her art practice includes both site-specific work and single channel video. She has exhibited in galleries in New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Germany and Thailand as well as site specific locations. An interest in the effects of technologies of observation on aural and visual perception is a recurrent theme in her work: from remote satellite imaging to the sonification of micro-meteorological data. In 2005 Janine received a fellowship to work with postgraduate computer science students at the University of Canterbury to examine the intersection of video installation and interactive technology. recently she has also collaborated with climatologists as the digital artist in residence at the University of Waikato. Janine is currently a Lecturer in Art and Design at UNITEC, where she teaches art and design history, theory and research practice.